Help With Placing Orders

Dear Consumers,

   In this section you can read about the essentials for ordering from us. In short, for the usual box delivery for Thursdays orders are accepted are in between Wednesdays 5.00pm till Mondays 10.00pm. 



  We can accept orders when the webshop is open. Which is from 5.00pm on Wednesdays till 10.00pm on Mondays for delivery on the Thursdays. When the webshop opens, our stock is full so that's when we can offer the widest range available of our products. The more days go by the less is the range available to you. Thus it's always best to order earlier rather than later before the webshop closes. 

   From 10.00pm on Mondays the webshop closes and we cannot accept orders. We need this time for summarizing the orders, give the list to our gardeners who can then start harvesting the veggies, and also we need to order in from our organic grower parnters if we don't have that particular veggie. After this we need to wash them, prepare them, pack them and finally we need to put the orders together individually. For this process we need two whole days. 


1. On the homepage you can choose what you would like to order. You can choose from these two at the moment:

2.  When you click on the Standard Boxes you can choose in between Small or Big Box. When you click on the boxes you can see its contents. If you would like one of these, place amount and click on the basket. 

3. If you would rather like to put together your own selection, choose the Organic Vegetable Selection. When you click on this, you can see the range of produce you can choose from. Whatever you like, place them into the basket. The mimimum amount for orders is 4000 HUF. You can always combine, mix and match as you like. 

4. As soon as you put together what you like, click on the basket on the right hand corner. You can see all the veggies selected with the prices. The mimimum amount is 5000 HUF.

5. Delivery: You can choose where you want your box delivered. The Box Collection Points will tell you all the necessary info about the points. Once you click on one, you can carry on to payment methods. 

6. Payment methods:

6.a. card payment via SaltPay. This will take you to the Saltpay page, after filling in the bank card details you can finalise payment. If it does not work for some reason, you can transfer the amount to our account. 

6.b. Bank transfer. Could you please, make your transfer as soon as you place your order in the webshop so it does not get forgotten. The latest we can accept transfers is Monday by 10.00pm. After that we send out a reminder via email, if there is no response, we delete the order. Thank you.

If you have money on your virtual account, you can decide to use them for payment if you choose so.

7. For finalising the order you need to check all your details, prices whether they are correct, and if not you can still modify them. In the Note section you can say anything you have to say regarding the order placed. 

When you click on the Order, the order is finalised. 

8. You will receive an email confirmation about your order. 

9. Before the Pick-up Day you will receive a reminder about your order. 


The Pick-Up: you can collect your order on the Thursdays from many Collection Points available, as well as Home Delivery. Saturday deliveries are at the Ökopiac site only. You can check all the necessary info on the The Box Collection Points, when to pick up your boxes to contact information. If you happen to be late or have a problem with pick-up, please call the respective phone number given on the page.   

Complaints: After receiving your boxes, if you find a missing item or have a problem with anything regarding the order, please don't hesitate to contact us on, or messenger or call 0630 072 33 03 so we can resolve the problems right away. 

Thank you!