Organic Small Vegetable Box (pc)

Organic Small Vegetable Box (pc)
5 000 Ft/piece(s)

In the small box we put together products which can be eaten raw or requires minimal cooking. 

We reserve the rights to change the contents of the box for an other similar produce but its value remains. 

The photos of the standard boxes are illustrations only as their contents vary every week. 



Product Unit  Unity price Qantity Price

Apples - Golden

kg 1000 Ft 0.7 700 Ft
Leek pc 500 Ft 1 500 Ft
Salad Mix (200g) ptn 1100 Ft 1 1100 Ft
Carrots kg 1000 Ft 0.5 500 Ft
Shredded Vegetable Pickle (500g) ptn 1300 Ft 1 1300 Ft
 Potatoes - Yellow kg 1100 Ft 0.5 550 Ft


kg 1100 Ft 0.4 440 Ft


The final content of the boxes may be changed on the day of preparation. The price always remains as advertised in each week's offer.