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18 january 2018



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Subscription service

Upon your request, from September 2017 we will launch a subscription service for our Zsamboki Biokert organic vegetable box system. For those who may not prefer online payments with bankcard, we offer an additional solution by where boxes can be purchased ahead of time with a bank transfer. Unfortunately, from September, we are not yet ready to off this service on a weekly basis, but we can offer this possibility for extended subscriptions.


For those of you interested in participating in the subscription service for organic boxes, we offer the possibility to make pre-paid transfers for 8 large boxes (39200 Ft) or for 12 small boxes (39600 Ft). After we receive the transfer we will then be able to email an electronic coupon code for our webshop which will entitle you to order 8 large boxes or 12 small boxes. When you order a box online, a charge of 4900 Ft/large box or 3300 Ft/small box will be issued on each occasion in relation to the order. Unfortunately at the moment because of system limitations, subscribers who wish to order two boxes in one week must complete two separate orders with the coupon code.


When a large box prepaid subscription is chosen, only large boxes can be redeemed with the coupon code, with the same possibility for small box subscriptions. If you wish to add vegetables from the extra vegetable list to your order in any week while redeeming a box with your prepaid subscription, you can add them to your order but will be required to pay for the remaining balance with bank card transfer or with cash at the box pick up point.

The steps in the subscription system are as follows:

Send an email to letting us know which subscription you prefer (large/small box)

We will send back a bank transfer receipt

Complete the payment transfer

When we receive the bank transfer we will issue the coupon code redeemable on our webshop to you


If you have any questions about the subscription system, please feel free to send us an email to, or call us at  20/6690708.


Thank you for your support and understanding.


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