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22 NOVEMBER 2018




Pick Up Point info
  • From this week onwards you can only pay for orders by credit card purchase at the
    Juranyi Collection Point (no more cash payments – sorry!)
  • The Wekerle Collection Point has been suspended from this week until the re-opening of
    the renovated Wekerle Market.
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Big box (organic)

Big box (organic)
6 000 Ft
piece(s) Add to cart Add to cart

Nagy dobozunkba minden bekerül ami szezonálisan elérhető, és szükségetek lehet egy biokonyhában egy kisebb családnak.

Az egyendoboz tartalma néha módosulhat. Az értéke mindig változatlan marad.

  •  Product Unit U. price Qty Price
    Head lettuce pc 300 Ft
    1 300 Ft
    Cellery root kg 1500 Ft
    0,5 750 Ft
    kg 600 Ft 0,8 480 Ft
    kg 700 Ft 0,9 630 Ft
    Leek pc 350 Ft 1 350 Ft
    Chinese cabbage kg 900 Ft 1 900 Ft
    Winter squash kg 300 Ft 2 600 Ft
    kg 600 Ft 1 600 Ft
    Apple kg 500 Ft 0,8 400 Ft
    Ruccola pc 300 Ft 1

    300 Ft

    Mesclune mix kg 3200 Ft 0,2 640 Ft
    Packaging fees pc 100 Ft 0,5 100 Ft

    The final content of the boxes may be changed on the day of preparation. The price always remains as advertised in each week's offer. 

  • Weight
    5.5 kg/piece(s)
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