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22 NOVEMBER 2018




Pick Up Point info
  • From this week onwards you can only pay for orders by credit card purchase at the
    Juranyi Collection Point (no more cash payments – sorry!)
  • The Wekerle Collection Point has been suspended from this week until the re-opening of
    the renovated Wekerle Market.
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The cheapest way to get our vegetables is to order one of our standard boxes (Small Box 4000 HUF each, Large Box 6000 HUF eachWe always put new seasonal produce first into our standard boxes, so you always get our best selection. We can offer these standard boxes at economy price as there less packaging work for us. With our standard boxes the selection is fixed from week to week, you are notable to make individiual preferences with these boxes-please select our " You Choose Box Selection" if you want to have a free choice of what goes into your box.

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