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27 September 2018



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Changes in our Box Offering

Because of some challenges during box delivery and distribution, we have decided to make a few changes to our system. The reason for the changes was largely because of complications related to ensuring that the more heat sensitive fresh vegetables (salads, leafy greens) arrive to you in good form during the intense heat. Despite all efforts to avoid them, many problems occurred. Because of this we have decided to remove the heat sensitive vegetables from boxes and offer them individually in a new “greens box” which can be ordered and prepared separately. We will still offer the traditional Small, Large and Less Root boxes, at reduced price, and in addition to these you have the chance to order a “greens box” if you enjoy our leafy greens. The greens box will arrive individually prepared, cooled, in its own container, so there will be no need to search around for the included items.

We will discontinue the juice and maxi box from this week.

Orders can be placed from 17:00 on Wednesday to Tuesday morning at 8:00am the following week boxes will be delivered on the following Thursday to pick up points. We will not accept orders on the webshop from 8:00am on Tuesday until 3:00pm on Wednesday


We kindly remind you to bring your own reusable bags, baskets or carrying devices to take home your vegetables when arriving to one of our box pick up points. It helps us reduce waste, and keep track of our vegetable crates. If you forget to come prepared, only at pick up points which accept cash payments, you can take home your order in one of our vegetable crates for a 1000 Ft deposit fee. You can then return the empty box the next time you pick up an order to get back your deposit. Thank you for the cooperation!


We can not provide a reimbursement for orders which are not collected on pick up days, as the contents of the boxes are perishable!

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