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22 NOVEMBER 2018




Pick Up Point info
  • From this week onwards you can only pay for orders by credit card purchase at the
    Juranyi Collection Point (no more cash payments – sorry!)
  • The Wekerle Collection Point has been suspended from this week until the re-opening of
    the renovated Wekerle Market.
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Changes to our offerings:

  • Following popular request we are now (for a trial period) offering a new “You Choose Box
    Selection”, for which you, the customer chooses exactly what goes into your box.
  • The weather is cooling down, so we are stopping our “Green Box” (which was supplied in a cool box). From now on you can choose from either our “Small Box” or our “Large Box”.
  • The minimum order is now 4000Ft.

What has not changed, but is still important:

  • The deadline for ordering is at 8.00 a.m. on Tuesday mornings for delivery to collection points on Thursday of that week. You are not able to place an order on our Zsamboki Biokert Webshop between Tuesdays 8.00 a.m. and Wednesdays 17.00 (we are processing your orders at this time).
  • Please take your own bags, boxes and baskets to the collection point where you pick up your produce, so you have something to pack your vegetables into. If you forget to take a bag or basket, for those collection points which take cash, you can pay a deposit of 1000 HUF to take away your order in our delivery box, and reclaim your deposit when you return our packaging.
  • Orders which are paid for and not collected on time, unfortunately cannot be refunded, as the produce is perishable, and we are not able to take back unclaimed orders.

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